A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Announcing our summer 2020 “show” cast for A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM by William Shakespeare! 

Nick Bottom – John DeAngelo
Demetrius – Ryan Renc
Egeus – Jeremy Sechan
Francis Flute – Bob DiLeo
Helena – Erin Sulla
Hermia – Leela Wolgemuth
Hippolyta – Kat DiLeo
Lysander – Joseph Spina
Oberon – Jack Corkery
Puck – Eric Rundgren
Peter Quince – Justin Davis
Tom Snout/Mustardseed/Ukulele – Joe LaPointe
Snug – Amelia Tortorici
Robin Starveling – Genevieve Corkery
Theseus – Alex Lapinski
Titania – Mary DiLeo
Cobweb (First Fairy Monologue)/Violin – Lilly Caines
Peaseblossom (First Fairy Monologue)/Clarinet – Katie Pruyn
Sneezewort/Flute Player – Amal Ghanimah
Featured Soloist/Philostrate – Jessica Matasek
Pyramus and Thisbe Prologue Actor – Will Walsh
Pyramus and Thisbe Prologue Actor – Jayden Cervantes

We are putting together a Zoom production, incorporating video and a brief spot of live and socially distanced Shakespeare in the Park. Stay tuned for developing information on how and where you can watch!


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